What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. We can also say the whole process to attract the highest number of qualified visitors from the search engines

Seo Web Design Recommendations

You do not have a website or you are not satisfied with your existing website. You need an SEO web design that can attract more customers from search engines. This article is for you ...

Corporate Seo

With the Corporate Seo service, you can gain qualified customers by appearing on the top ranks in search engines, and you can bring down comments and complaints to the lower ranks.

WordPress Plugins Recommendations

This article is still under development. I wanted to share the plugins I use on my WordPress sites and other Wordpress Seo tips I can think of ...

Meta Tag Example for Google

In fact, the title explains all “creating a meta tag for Google seo, title description is enough”. Google's superiority in Turkey, especially, not to mention the search engine market. Therefore to make targeted seo work in accordance to Google rules

Seo Expert Gürkan Turhan Seo Consulting Corporate Istanbul Turkey

SEO Expert Gürkan Turhan and his team, we have been providing; web development services, web marketing, search engine optimisation consultancy, in accordance with Google quality rules since 2006. We share our experiences with our customers and produce practical solutions to their problems. In addition, we also warn the webmasters and officials about modern fraud and hacking methods.. With our open price policy, we provide seo service that can last for years based on mutual trust. Please do not make a decision without reviewing our current seo references that we have worked with many for more than ten years

Corporate Seo Specialist

The corporate seo specialist can work to get rid of the annoying results (complaint sites or bad news and comments about you) in addition to providing efficient marketing by making your company appear on the front pages of related searches. We inform the webmasters of the companies we work with against modern fraud and hacking methods.

Corporate Seo Consultancy

We do not work with a second company that can create competition from the same industry. The Istanbul SEO Turhan team is following search engines, especially Google, we are working on your site to be in the top ranks in organic searches and attracting qualified visitors, or we are preparing a report on the actions required to be presented to authorized people.

Istanbul SEO Consultancy

Istanbul Seo Consultancy One of the most important advantages of Istanbul Seo consultancy for you is that we visit Istanbul companies at regular intervals and offer face-to-face meetings. In order to work with a company, it does not have to be an Istanbul company; however, most of our references are Istanbul companies. In addition to Istanbul, there are companies that we provide seo consultancy services outside the city and abroad.

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Corporate SEO Consulting Corporate SEO Consulting

We work to keep you on top of organic searches by following Google

Link Building Link Building

We support companies that we provide SEO consultancy with link development

Web Design Web Design

We are here for you to set up and manage corporate and e-commerce sites with Wordpress

Wordpress Hosting Wordpress Hosting

We host your Wordpress sites on Cpanel Litespeed servers.

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CDN services; Istanbul, Ankara and 33 worldwide datacenter

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